HeroBeam® Car Emergency Flashlight

Super Bright LED Torch / Worklight with Magnet and Belt Clip - A Glovebox Essential for Night Time Auto Emergencies

  • POWERFUL 3W COB LED side element emits 120 LUMENS which easily lights your work area uniformly plus one end functions as a conventional directional flashlight
  • STRONG TAIL MAGNET - allows mounting on steel car panels like the wings or bonnet for hands-free use. Also features a CLOTHING CLIP which clips securely onto your coat pocket or belt if required
  • WATER AND SHOCK RESISTANT so it will stand up to rough use in emergency situations in the worst of weather
  • CONVENIENT SIZE AND HI VIS COLOUR - fits perfectly and prominently in the glovebox so it's there whenever you need it and only uses cheap AAA batteries (Not included)

Product SKU:
                       SB007-1 (Single)
                          SB007-2 (Twin Pack)

Ext. Identifier:
                          UPC-A 646437354417  (Single)
                          UPC-A 646437708425  (Twin Pack)

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A Glovebox Essential

Our new mini-worklight not only features a LATEST TECH COB LED element on the side but also a strong focused LED element in the tail so it can also be used as a hand flashlight.

The compact size yet staggering 120 LUMEN ILLUMINATION coupled with various attachment options make it the perfect glovebox accessory for car owners.

The STRONG MAGNET makes it a breeze to attach to most car bodywork like the fenders or hood (excluding plastic and aluminium panels) and the CLOTHING CLIP on the side means you can even attach it to yourself if required. No more flashlights rolling off engines or struggling to hold one while undoing wheel nuts or pouring out screenwash! 

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