HeroBeam® Fishing Headlamp

USB Rechargeable Head Flashlight designed for fishing

  • DESIGNED FOR FISHERMEN – Our unique design features both a High Intensity Spot Beam plus a Broad Beam RED element. Functions include various brightness levels plus strobe and SOS modes, and our Easy-OFF feature removes the annoyance of having to cycle through modes to switch OFF
  • UNIQUE SPOT OR WIDE BEAM FEATURE – Combining two types of LED on the same unit makes it super versatile, perfect for threading hooks or soft lighting your site at night
  • MOTION ACTIVATION FEATURE – Convenient Hands-free ON/OFF motion detect mode for both LED elements. In this mode you just swipe in front of the lens to toggle ON/OFF - ideal for use with gloves or when your hands are likely to get wet and slimy
  • RECHARGEABLE from any USB port using the included cable. The 1200mAh internal battery provides up to 30 hours use between 4-hour charges
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY + 30 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Our Superior quality construction gives us confidence you’ll love it!

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RECHARGEABLE from any USB port using the included cable. You can use a port on your computer, in your car or charge from a wall outlet via a commonly available adapter like those for mobile phones.

The 1200mAh internal battery provides up to 30 hours use between 4-hour charges.

It even comes in a cute and attractive HEROBEAM® cube box so makes an excellent gift to any fishing enthusiast.

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