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HeroBeam™ Limited Warranty

Thank you for your interest in HeroBeam products. This Limited Warranty applies to physical goods, and only for physical goods, purchased from Amazon or https://herobeam.com (the "Physical Goods").

What does this limited warranty cover?

This Limited Warranty covers failure of the product's electronics under normal use during the Warranty Period. During the Warranty Period, HeroBeam will replace, at no charge, products which fail to operate correctly because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance.

What will we do to correct problems?

Assuming there is no evident accidental or water damage, or of misuse then HeroBeam will replace the product once it has been returned to us and repay your shipping cost.

How long does the coverage last?

The Warranty Period will be either 3 or 5 Years from the date of purchase depending on the product. The period is stated at the time of purchase and on the product packaging.

What does this limited warranty not cover?

This Limited Warranty does not cover any problem that is caused by:

  • Failure of non-electrical components such as headstrap components, opening hinges and catches, mounting brackets
  • Failure due to accidental damage, such as dropping the product, or due to water ingress from leaving it out in heavy rain or dropping it in water

What do you have to do?

To obtain warranty service, you must first contact us at info@herobeam.com, describe the problem you're having and obtain the return address.